Challenge Course

Sonrisas Trails proudly presents to the Concho Valley, our new Challenge Course Program! Our program offers a complete Low and High Element Team Challenge Course. This new program is designed to help teams build themselves up by breaking down barriers through innovation, adventure and courage. We help participants find a sense of unity within their team by setting goals with effective communication, trust, and camaraderie. Programming and activities are structured and designed for various groups regardless of size, difference or disability. This is another way for Sonrisas to expand our programming to more people in San Angelo and surrounding communities.

Our course includes:
                         - 10 Element Team Building Low Ropes Course
                          - Climbing Wall
                          - Giant Swing
                          - 2-Level Team Building Adventure Course
                          - Zip Line

Pricing and Programming:
          -Full Program: gains access to our entire course including Zip Lines, Climbing Wall & Giant Swing. Groups also have the option of adding on a Low Element & team building activity portion if desired with this package.                   
                    - Price: Corporate groups / Individuals: $40 per participant
                                 Non-profit (i.e. churches, schools, etc.): $20 per participant

          - Half Program: allows a group to focus on team building by having access to the Low Ropes & team building activity program with the choice of using either the Climbing Wall OR Giant Swing.
                    - Price: Corporate groups / Individuals: $30 per participant
                                 Non-profit (i.e. churches, schools, etc.): $15 per participant

Access to the course is by appointment only.

For more information contact: 
    Megan Kirkwood
Office: (325) 949-4837 Cell: (432) 413-3656

Ropes Course
Ropes Course
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